2022 Retrospective: Infrared Landscapes (1 of 4) - Grandad Bluff Summit Views

February 16, 2023  |  La Crosse, Wisconsin

Grandad Bluff - Grandad Bluff Summit Views

Category: Infrared Landscapes

This is the first of four journal entries featuring my favorite infrared landscapes of 2022.

A view looking towards the summit on Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The sculpture of Ellen Hixon - conservator of Grandad...
Grandad Bluff: Approaching the Summit

This view looks towards the summit on Grandad Bluff in La Crosse, Wisconsin from a spot near the visitor parking area. The sculpture of Ellen Hixon - conservator of Grandad Bluff - and a limestone pavilion welcome visitors at the summit. Large observation areas provide views of three states and the Mississippi River valley below.

The lower overlook at Grandad Bluff on a cloudy day.
Grandad Bluff Overlook on a Cloudy Day

Earth and sky are reaching out to touch each other in this image taken from a spot near the lower observation platform on Grandad Bluff. The south side of La Crosse, Wisconsin is in the foreground. The lush urban forest really stands out in this infrared image. The Minnesota bluffs are on the horizon across the valley, with the Mississippi River just visible in front of those bluffs.

Walkway to the lower overlook at Grandad Bluff on a late autumn afternoon.
Walkway to Grandad Bluff Lower Overlook

A bit later in the year the leaves are gone and we can see both the bones of the land on the bluff tops and the veins and arteries of the city below. In this view is taken from a spot just below the shelter and large viewing area on the summit of Grandad Bluff, looking down the walkway to the lower observation platform.

Creating the Images

There have been thousands of great images taken looking towards the summit or down from the summit of Grandad Bluff. In these images I wanted to use infrared capture to show the summit and its environs in a different light. Literally.

If you are curious about how I create these images, I have included a great deal of basic information in my Journal articles about my top ten 2022 infrared art and architecture images. Links to a few of those articles can be found below. You can also reach out through my Contact information below.