New Images at Gallery 1802 in October 2022

October 24, 2022  |  La Crosse, Wisconsin

I am very happy to share these recent additions to my exhibit at Gallery 1802 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Find an overall description of currently exhibited work and a link to individual images below...

New Images at Gallery 1802

Items you will find in the exhibit include:

Aerial panoramas created from multiple drone captures. Some of my images at the gallery were constructed from up to 70 individual raw images and represent up to 80 hours of careful image processing.

Infrared images and panoramic images. Infrared imaging captures a portion of the light spectrum that we cannot see with the naked eye. I use multiple techniques and types of equipment to capture the information which I then render into black and white or sepia-toned images.

See details about featured images here.

At Gallery 1802 you will also find Artist Studio prints from my Driftless Infrared Project, Door County Infrared Project and other architectural and landscape images.

Gallery 1802 features collections of beautiful and engaging works from a wide variety of talented artists working in many different and unique mediums.