Visual Conversations

When I approach a subject, I am looking for a way to have a conversation, to let the subject show or teach me something new, or present the already-familiar in a new way. It is my goal to translate that conversation into a visual medium. When you acquire one of my images and give it a place in your world, you are engaging in and continuing that conversation - a conversation where you are sure to discover things about the subject that are unique and new to you.

The journey from concept to print is a long one with many steps at many locations over an extended period of time. Phases of the journey can include a map, a camera, or a computer. They can be outdoors or indoors, on foot or in a vehicle, during daylight or at night. The weather can be cold or hot, wet or dry, cloudy or clear...sometimes all in the same outing.

I aim to showcase my work in using the best available materials. I present four main options for displaying my images: museum-grade acrylic, dye-sublimated metal, wood substrates and loose prints. The first three options arrive ready to display. Detailed information about each option is available during print selection.

Please note: Copyright statements that you see online will not be on your prints.

Diasec TruLife® Acrylic Prints

A Diasec Acrylic Print is a museum-approved method of print preservation and display that features a high contrast, low-reflective scratch-resistance surface with a sturdy float frame.

Infused Dye-Sublimation Metal Prints

These prints are created by using precise temperature control to transfer and fuse an image made with archival inks from a transfer medium to a specially coated metal plate. The result is a brilliant image under a glossy protective barrier. A sturdy float frame is included.

Photo Plaque Prints

These prints are created by mounting archival prints on earth-friendly substrates with a protective laminate surface. A sturdy hanging system is included.

Fine Art Prints

All of my loose prints are done with archival papers and pigmented inks which are rated up to 200 years for color permanence. I print on a luster or metallic luster acid-free fine art paper, and occasionally do limited runs or commissions on various custom paper types. Smaller commissioned works are printed by me using Epson Ultrachrome ink sets on archival papers. Larger pieces are done by trusted professional print lab partners.

Other Options

There are many other image display options available ranging from smaller prints to large wall-size displays. If you have an idea or a project you would like to discuss, please reach out by contacting me here.

Waiting for a meal.

Waiting for a meal.