A Slice of La Crosse

September 25, 2022  |  La Crosse, Wisconsin

Project: A Slice of La Crosse

Aerial panoramas with a unique perspective of La Crosse

Slice of La Crosse Gallery

A Slice of La Crosse is a collection of drone-sourced aerial panoramas which focus on narrow slices of something special from La Crosse, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.

A greatly abbreviated description of my process for creating each image starts with scouting and planning, paying close attention to potential restrictions based on FAA regulations or local ordinances. Next comes preparation, getting the equipment ready to go - and if I will be in a restricted area, making sure that I have planned for the permissions I will need before I fly.

Getting the source captures can be straightforward or challenging. Environmental factors like high winds or precipitation may be in play. Sometimes you can wait it out. Other times you just move the plan to another day.

Each final image is crafted from the original drone captures with a specific perspective and rendering intent in mind, using a variety of image processing tools and techniques. The final images may be created from as few as three or as many as 70 individual captures. The detail captured using these methods allows me to create images that can scale up to wall-sized murals.

Each image in the gallery has a link where you can order acrylic and metal prints. Other options on other materials are also available. See my Prints page for more details.

If you would like to discuss creating a unique view of your home, business or property, I would be happy to hear from you! Please reach out through my contact information below.