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November 11, 2022: Ready to Order - Grandad Bluff: Late Autumn Trails #3

Ready to Order - Grandad Bluff: Late Autumn Trails #3

This vertical aerial panorama shows the southwestern flank of Grandad Bluff late in the day on a cloudy November afternoon. View is from a point near the start of Ebner Coulee looking north at Grandad Bluff. Ebner Coulee Road can be seen at the bottom of the image - the summit of Grandad Bluff at the top. Trails betwixt the two.

Image info: 25 drone captures were combined and processed for rendering intent and exposure. I applied minor overall sharpening and various local adjustments. By the time I completed all the source exposures the wind was kicking up, and it was time to wrap it up. 

9/23/2022: Welcome!


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