About Mark F Devine

Mark Francis Devine has been known to wander off, camera in hand, from his home in the Driftless Area on the west coast of Wisconsin.

My first experience with digital capture was with a borrowed Nikon body on a Kodak digital back. The date was November 23, 2000 - the day digital imaging captured me. Since then I have been on a journey - honing my skills, refining my workflow, and learning from creative people across a wide variety of human endeavors. I enjoy every alliterative part of the image creation process:

  • Practice, planning, packing

  • Scouting, shooting, selecting

  • Processing, printing, presenting

Today I am chasing light in a variety of ways: aerial, infrared and panoramic image capture in both urban and natural environments. My intent as a photographer is to present the familiar in a way or from a perspective that is fresh, new and interesting.

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(Image by Carol Devine: Winter view from Perrot Ridge in Perrot State Park in Wisconsin. The Mississippi River and Minnesota bluffs are in the background.)