About Mark F Devine

My first experience with digital capture was with a borrowed Nikon body on a Kodak digital back. The date was November 23, 2000 - the day digital imaging captured me. It reignited my interest in photography. Since then I have been on a journey - honing my skills, refining my workflow, and learning from creative people across a wide variety of human endeavors. I enjoy every alliterative part of the image creation process:

  • Practice, planning, packing
  • Scouting, shooting, selecting
  • Processing, printing, presenting

Today I am chasing light in a variety of ways: aerial, infrared,
and panoramic image capture in both urban and natural environments. My intent
as a photographer is to present the familiar in a way or from a perspective
that is fresh, new, and interesting.

Thank you for visiting my website. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work. You can follow me below on Facebook, Instagram, and Behance.

(Image by Carol Devine: Winter view from Perrot Ridge in Perrot State Park in Wisconsin. The Mississippi River and Minnesota bluffs are in the background.)